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How to develop a suicide prevention framework, plan or program?

When drawing up a suicide prevention plan or program, it is important to make sure that there are multiple people involved in the effort.

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So, it makes sense that any successful prevention effort will need to attack the multiple causes and factors that have gone into this epidemic.

No matter if you’re looking to start a new program or gauging an existing plan's effectiveness, the Suicide Prevention Resource Center has six steps that should be taken to help ensure the prevention plan’s success.

Six steps for suicide prevention plan success

  • Step 1: Describe the problem and its context.
    • Use data and other sources to understand how suicide affects your community and to describe the problem and its context.
  • Step 2: Choose long-term goals.
    • Identify a small set of long-term goals (e.g., reduce the suicide rate among a particular group).
  • Step 3: Identify key risk and protective factors.
    • Prioritize the key risk and protective factors on which to focus your prevention efforts.
  • Step 4: Select or develop interventions.
    • Decide which combination of strategies (e.g., increase connectedness, increase access to evidence-based treatments) best address your key risk and protective factors and will be a part of your comprehensive approach to suicide prevention.
    • Then find and review existing programs and practices to select approaches that have evidence of effectiveness and are a good fit for your settings, populations, needs and resources.
    • If you can't find a program that meets your needs, you may need to adapt an existing program or create a new one.
  • Step 5 Plan the evaluation.
    • Use your evaluation plan to track progress toward your long-term goals, show the value of your suicide prevention efforts, and decide how to expand them.
  • Step 6 Implement, evaluate, and improve.
    • Implement and evaluate your activities, using your evaluation data to monitor implementation, solve problems, and enhance your prevention efforts.

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