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Corporate and workplace suicide prevention

Corporate workplaces offer crucial opportunities to help employees who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, or the aftermath of a death by suicide.

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The participation — and leadership — of employers, managers, and co-workers is critical to the success of suicide prevention.

Every place of employment, regardless of size, has the ability to offer assistance when it comes to prevention and awareness.

Making sure an office is a positive environment for mental health is a simple step. This includes watching out for bullying and harassment. Let employees know if they are struggling and that there are people who care about them in the office and that expressing such mental health concerns will not be met with punishment or ridicule.

Furthermore, consider health insurance plans that cover mental health services. Make sure your employees know that such benefits exist and encourage them to take advantage of these benefits. It’s not uncommon for employees to not know the full extent of their benefits. Plus, with the historical stigma of mental health and suicide, some employees may be hesitant to seek services. You need to make sure they know it’s encouraged to utilize such services.

Workplaces need to be prepared if a colleague or someone close to a colleague dies by suicide. Everyone is affected when family members, clients, vendors or others close to the team attempt suicide or die by suicide. Despite ongoing efforts, there is still a stigma associated with suicide, and many people are unsure how to respond to a co-worker who had a death in the family due to suicide. Make sure you know how to support such a situation as a workplace and be prepared to refer those most affected to a mental health professional. An office can be key when it comes to promoting healthy grieving as a stable environment for those impacted the greatest.

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